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VZ Commodore OEM Speaker Replacement

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#1 TKSeppi


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Posted 06 June 2008 - 06:24 PM

Here's the run down.
I have a VZ Commodore executive sedan. I need a good bass response (and general sound quality, on top of that) from the car but
a) don't want to use subs as I have a kid on the way & can't afford to lose the space in the boot.
b) would prefer not to put 6x9"s on the rear shelf as I want the car to look as standard as possible from the outside (understand that i can purchase Holden genuine grilles to cover speakers on this shelf, again, would prefer not to go down that alley through personal preference.)

So this leaves me with the dilemna of modifying the in door speakers & spacers.

I know a little about this model car in that the factory door speakers are 6". I understand you can readily modify the factory door spacers to 6.5". I understand that I have limited space due to the door panel & window inside door frame. So my question is: Has anybody had any success fitting some more...unconventional...speakers inside a VZ (or similar) Commodore door. For example....a 7" DB Dynamic woofer from a home theatre system (don't ask why I have 7" DB Dynamic woofers laying around, I just do). Or alternatively, has anybody had success mounting 6x9"s within the door? If anyone mathces the above criteria, could you please advise of details & results?


Yes, I relise that for ~$700 i could go out and get 2 pairs of 6" focal splits but again, out of personal preference, I'd prefer to use what I have. If you wish to leave silly comments like "JUST GET SUBS D00D" or "JUST BUY NEW SPEAKERS" or are just going to type in caps...Please, please, for the love of God, just refrain from commenting. Please.

Again, Thankyou

#2 TMM



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Posted 07 June 2008 - 01:40 AM

with a custom spacer (MDF + fibreglass) i think you could fit 7" speakers just fine as long as the magnets aren't so big that they obstruct the hole into the door. I have a gut feeling that someone might have already done it. Try searching for VT, VX and VY's too because the doors are the same.
6x9's would just be awkward to design a spacer for, and the door trims would obstruct them a fair bit (they already cover the corner of 6/6.5" woofers).

Also whether or not the speakers work well in a door will be another issue. They might be better suited to ported enclosures, in which case they might lack bass in a door (sealed box), Or they might be boomy as hell!

The only other problem i see is that being HT speakers they are probably 6ohm or 8ohm rather then 4ohm, so your headunit/amp won't be able to put out as much power as it would with 4ohm speakers. And if you're using the stock tweeters (which are 4ohm) you'll need to make a custom crossover otherwise the tweeters will overpower your woofers

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#3 bmroxm5


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Posted 09 June 2008 - 08:38 PM

why is this in a tutorials/technical article discussion?

perhaps you'd get more responses/ideas/replies in the General Mobile Electronics discussion forum

#4 jimmyboy


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Posted 30 March 2009 - 11:52 PM

VZ's have 6.5"s in the front so a conventional Aftermarket Speaker will fit. I installed a pair in my housemates car on the weekend only took about 15 minutes a door. basically all you need to do is remove the door locker, with a small screw drive (Red clip), then all the visible screws from the bottom, side, and behind the door handle. Lift the panel up and you are left with a bare door.

The rear speakers I 'suspect' are 6x9's by looking at the grill.

Ill be installing the rears tomorrow 'hopefully' so Ill pull the rear seat and parcel out tomorrow and get back to you.

The stock front speakers are just 2 way paper cones, rated at 15W so even a set of $30 dollar JVC 6.5"s from JB Hifi Show a outstanding improvement with the stock head deck (Which is actually half decent).

I would recommend staying away from this mysterious 7" speaker as I suspect it will require a ported box. Mounting it in the door will cause problems also the stock grills dont give you to much room to play with. 6x9's wont fit unless your fairly handy/creative with fibreglass.

Also are the speakers going to be ran off an amp? are they going to ran off the stock headdeck? are they going to be run off an aftermarket headdecks amp?

Just relised i posted in a thread thats 6 months old.. my bad.. Thread should be deleted anyway :-p

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